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Taiko M2M Solutions


  • Tri-band GSM/GPRS Modem TNC-G-100

Wireless M2M System

  • Tri-band GPRS M2M Terminal TNC-120
  • Tri-band GPRS Router/VPN GR3000


About Wireless M2M

  • What is the Wireless M2M System
  • The Features of Wireless M2M system
  • Wireless M2M Components


What is Wireless M2M

  • Wireless M2M is a Digital Data Network based on GPRS system.
  • It also provides high data rate, reliable, fix or semi-fix connected and transparent data transmission channel for customers.
  • Customer also can configure their own private network.



Wireless M2M features

  • Flexible, Short time for construction and with very low cost.
  • Wide coverage.
  • More secure and safety for data transmission.
  • Always online, pay it on your data traffic, save user’s cost.
  • Supports voice conversation.

Where do you need the wireless M2M?

  • Too many sites and decentralized data transmission.
  • Country side and wide field applications.
  • Small to medium data transmission.
  • Mobile service data communication (Vehicle application).
  • Handheld applications.
  • Headquarters to branches applications.


Wireless M2M component

Wireless M2M

  • Data Center
  • Transmission Channel (Mobile network)
  • Data Termination Unit (TNC-G120)

Tri-band GSM/GPRS Modem TNC-G100

  • Designed for devices that support modem interface for GSM or GPPS connection
  • Built-in TCP/IP stack
  • Simple to initiate GPRS connection – few AT commands
  • Built-in DTR-reset – allows RTU to reset modem when it “hang”


Tri-band GPRS M2M terminal TNC-G120

  • Designed for transparent GPRS connection for serial devices
  • Connect to GPRS network or GR-3000
  • Self initiate re-connection should it be link dropped.
  • Suitable for serial devices that does not support PPP stack


Tri-band GPRS Router/VPN GR3000

  • Acts as GPRS server to allow multiple connections from remote GPRS client devices such as RTU
  • Support VPN connection
  • Support dynamic DNS and static IP


aiko M2M system

  • connected with user’s device via RS232/RS485, and then send the user’s data to the destination.
  • No host PC required: for the normal GPRS/CDMA Modem, you need a PC as the host to dial the network and process the protocol. TNC-G120 has built-in with a process unit and protocol stack, there is no PC host required for data transmission and processing.
  • Supports point to point, point to multi-point, center to multi-point configurations:.
  • Always online: TNC-G120 will attached to the network automatically when it is powered on, and then establish the data channel with the data service center or GR3000 in accordance with the initial setting.


Taiko M2M system

  • Cost it on your data traffic: TNC-G120 is set as always online mode, and you just be cost when DTU transmitting and receiving the user traffic data (depends on the mobile network operator’s police).
  • High speed: the maximum bandwidth can be reached 85.6Kbps for GPRS network (depends on the operator’s mobile network configuration).


Data Center

Data Center - TCP-COM

GPRS - with static IP (preferred)
(case of MWA-YTH application)

GPRS - with static IP (preferred)
(VPN to office)

GPRS with dynamic IP
(using GR3000)

Taiko M2M System – TNC-G120
For serial device with no PPP stack and modem interface


Typical Application

Taiko wireless M2M system can be used for almost all types of data transmission from small to medium bandwidth, the typical examples are listed below:

  • SCADA system
    • Power distribution network supervision and metering
    • Extra-high voltage equipment monitoring
    • Running water, gas pipe line supervision
    • Centralized heating system supervision
    • Environment protection data collection
    • Flood control data collection
    • Alert system supervision
    • Weather station data collection
  • Financial and department store
    • Vehicle based bank service
    • POS
    • Vending machine
    • ATM
    • Bank office supervision
    • Securities
  • Police and traffic control
    • Mobile query for ID info. and crime files
    • Mobile query for vehicle and driver license information
    • Traffic monitoring and control
    • Vehicle illegality shooting
    • City traffic information and guidance system
  • Vehicle Supervision
    • Police car
    • Bank and post vehicle supervision and management
    • Taxi management
    • Bus and bus stop information
    • Logistics Management


Typical Application – Power Grid

In the most of city, there are lot of substations, transforms and switches located at road side, poles and buildings. It is very difficult to supervisory the power equipment operation status. Also it is difficult to collect the metering information. That is because of:

  • Too many and decentralized sites.
  • It is no possible to utilize copper wire communication media to transmit information between substation and control center; and it is also very difficult and expensive to lay down communication cable in city.
  • Power Carrier Line (PLC) is one of solution. But the problem is that in case of power line failed, and also it is a big problem for PLC frequency planning.
  • A radio network may be the solution, but it is easy to be interfered and with very high construction cost.


Application example - Power Grid


Application example -Oilfield

  • Oilfield data collection system is a integrated computer, communication and data processing technologies, the oilfield operation data is being sent to the control center over a communication system. It is to high investment to build a dedicate telecom system.
  • The wireless M2M system is an ideal communication channel for this application.


Traffic Management
Traffic control data collections:

  • Cross road light signal supervisory and control
  • Road traffic information
  • Vehicles management



Traffic Monitoring


Alert System


Weather Station


Street Lighting



  • Provide data channel for POS & ATM information transaction
  • Data routing auto-backup
  • Provide data channel for POS information transaction
  • POS is a terminal to transmit the credit card information to bank data center over telecom channel. At the present, the switched telephone network and modem is used to transmit those information. When the payment is made by a POS terminal, there are only 200 bytes information transmitted. However, you have to dial a number cost about $x per time.
  • The wireless M2M system is a packet based network, and it is a cheaper way to transmit POS information.


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