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Hotel Internet Pre-Paid Card
Hotel Internet Pre-Paid Card
High Speed Broadband (ADSL, etc.)

For Hotels / Resorts

It is necessary for all hotels / resorts in the world to offer high speed internet access for their guests

Internet access is a daily requirement for business travelers and tourists when they travel, just about everyone. Whether you are on vacation or working away from home, instant access to emails, VPN, internet, surfing, etc.., has become part of our daily necessity.

The Competitive Advantages everyone is looking for.....
  • Travelers need to access to Internet for email, VPN, Surfing, etc..
  • Travelers want to have High Speed Always On Internet Access
  • Hotel needs to enhance Guests satisfaction and retention
  • Hotel needs to increase occupancy rates
  • Hotel needs to differentiate itself when competing for business travelers
  • The demand for Internet service is rising, and hotels must now positioned itself to take advantage of this growth

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